Won Song

Won Song is a student at the University of Maryland pursuing his degree in secondary education with plans to become a full-time school teacher. Won has 3 years of tutoring experience. He has worked with students of all ages from elementary school to college. His most recent accomplishment was in the summer of 2018. Won tutored an incoming 2nd grader who just moved to the United States from South Africa. The student could speak English reasonably well; however, was not able to read and write in English. Won tutored the student six hours/week helping him learn how to read and write in English. The student now is able to read and write above his grade level. Won has also worked with a student who was taking a math course in a community college for the 3rd time, as she failed the previous two times she took the class. Won helped her through the material and she passed the course with a B+. Won has also worked and volunteered at many summer camps and daycare centers helping people with mental and physical disabilities. Won is fluent in English and Korean.