Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson graduated with her BA in December 2012, MA in May 2014, and PhD in May 2018. Rebecca has previously worked for College Tutoring Services in Fredonia, NY and served as a teacher for the University of Texas at Dallas from 2015 to 2016. She has tutored in the past in the subject areas of French and beginning Russian. As an undergraduate, she was a teaching assistant to an intermediate French course, and as a graduate student, she taught writing and composition to multiple classrooms of up to 30 students each. With these experiences, as well as her research specialties, Rebecca is qualified to tutor English or literature courses, French, history or social studies, and any writing or composition course. Her goal is to relate coursework to her students' interests and to make sessions productive and helpful. She is reliable, has a sense of humor, is strongly disciplined and a self-starter.