Abigail Hawkins

Abby Hawkins is a freshman at George Mason University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Global Affairs. A member of GMU’s Honors College and a recipient of the University Scholarship, Abby also competes as part of the university’s forensics team, is a tour guide on campus, and is a member of GMU Language Partners, meeting with international students to practice their English skills. Abby has two years of experience tutoring students at the high school level in social studies/history, Spanish, and English through her high school’s National Honors Society and three years of experience tutoring elementary school students in Spanish. In addition to English, Abby has professional working proficiency (ILR 3.5) in Spanish, Catalan, and Italian. In her free time, she enjoys re-reading the Harry Potter series, hiking, playing lacrosse, and spending time with her cats, Ferb and Isabella.