Hafis Adegun

Al- Hafis Adegun is a senior at the University of Maryland College Park pursuing an undergraduate degree in African American Studies ( concentration in public policy) on a pre medicine track. Due to his desire to enter Medicine he has an extensive amount of experience in both Biology and Chemistry. Specifically topics in molecular and microbiology, anatomy and physiology, general and organic chemistry among many other things. He is a very seasoned tutor and has been apart of the Petey Greene Program for many years, an organization that allows him to work directly with inmates that are incarcerated to help them prepare for the GED Test. In addition, he is apart of an organization through his major on campus to help middle school students with homework on the weekends. Currently, he is helping start a new program on campus dedicated to helping elementary students who are reading below grade level through a novel literacy program. Hafis has a love for working with underprivileged populations. His ultimate career goal is to use public health research to influence public policy in order to make lasting positive changes that will improve the lives of my patients and others. Through the cross section of all these fields he hopes to advocate for health equity, ensuring that people will not have different health outcomes simply due to the demographic that they fall under.